Forge Orchard

Forge Orchard represents an isolated yet very important remnant of traditional English apple orchards that once flourished throughout south-east of England. More than 60 percent of these traditional orchards have been lost in the past sixty years, giving way to more intensive planting to meet the growing demand for improved fruit production. Nevertheless they remain a vital resource.

Forge Orchard is home to a number of old apple varieties including Peasgood, Lanes Prince Albert, Ben’s Red, Claygate, Laxton Superb and Blenheim Orange and it provides an ideal venue for educating young people about apple growing and production, nature conservation and wildlife habitats.

This delightful place is a home to many species of insects, small mammals and birds and during recent investigation remains of the original forge foundations were uncovered...together with a horseshoe!

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Forge Orchard 2
Forge Orchard 3
Forge Orchard 4
Forge Orchard 5
Forge Orchard 6
Forge Orchard - Remains of the old forge
Forge Orchard 8
Forge Orchard Lichen

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